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Cracking third-party paid WOW plugin with a reward of 1400USDT

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GET https://brown.rd-update.net:21443/api/virsss/heartbeat?license_key=ZAHrjOVGVcNNdYc8HuUyBvBP&secret=7438d481a43fdeb24431ef550952c0b8a9ba8d7b48b2715064f3b9f7612da475&ip_address=&core_version=classic-wlk.main HTTP/1.1
Request-Time: 1705323482
Nonce-Str: a00d0b04e58eb7011d82df2cb1a41d00683622ac
Sign: b330e638decc6c9982bedf88f368b29d5cf0f230

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

The heartbeat of this plugin
I need to simulate the plaintext encryption method for returning downlink packets for me to interact locally
Cracked to obtain 1400USDT
Telegram https://t.me/www657537
Please contact me for specific documents to obtain

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