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The all in one member adding software for organic telegram growth!

Add Telegram Members software simplifies the process of adding members from any Telegram channel or group to your own. With the capability to handle up to 200,000 members, it's an essential tool for building thriving communities effortlessly.  
Telegram Authentication:

*   Supports multiple accounts simultaneously.
*   Offers Telegram authentication OTP for verification.
*   Confirms verification code via Telegram.

Telegram Members Scraper:

*   Scrapes active members from groups and channels.
*   Finds audience from Channels (you are an admin) or Groups (from any group).
*   Export user details into a CSV file.

Members Adder:

*   Imports active members to your Group/Channel.
*   Works with configurable settings.
*   Allows adding delays between separate additions.
*   Lets you select a maximum number of users you want to add.


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